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“Thanks so much for the book, it’s a great read.  I manage to read a few diary entries between kids, housework and office!”

Alison, WomenSport, October 2011

“I have just finished reading your book and am inspired by all your achievements.  Thanks so much for sharing your Mocks journey.

Eli, Microbiz Week May 2011
“I am reading your book at the moment and loving it! What a fantastic insight into starting your own business – three things particularly stick out:
1. Your persistence and tenacity in getting new stockists on board – WOW.
2. The company bank balance updates – what a reality check!
3. The great tips that come out of your experience i.e procedure manual, all the free courses available to SMB’s etc.

I must say I am finding it very inspiring! Well done!!

Jane, Sydney

“I have just finished reading your book Brand New Day and I’d just like the thank you for a very entertaining read.

My husband and I recently started our own small business, purchasing a bistro in a pub, back in April this year.

My background is in marketing and my husband is a qualified chef (come copywriter, blogger etc) and we have combined them to turn around a business that was once unprofitable – to one that now makes money, and in such a short time.

Sometimes, I feel like we’re alone in it all and that no-one understands the hard work and stress that comes with owning your own business so I found it refreshingly relatable to read about your story. I also saw myself in you a lot, from your portrayal in the book and it again made me feel like there is at least one other person out there just like me who just doesn’t seem to stop or take the easy way.

Thank you again and all the best in all your adventures.”

Rebecca, Sydney

I picked up my copy of Brand New Day and thought I’d read a little of it when the kids had gone to bed. Well, a little turned into a lot. I started reading at 7.30pm, and at 11.15 I knew I had to stop. Not because I wanted to, but because I have to get up at 6am each morning to fit in getting the kids fed, watered and dressed for school.

While I’ve still got a quarter of the book to go, I wanted to email to say how much I’ve enjoyed it so far. Your honesty, especially about your occasional self-doubt, is very refreshing. As is your warts and all approach to describing your first whirlwind year.

Rosemary, Sydney

“I wanted to let you know that I read your book and really enjoyed it.  It was an easy and interesting read infused with a lot of good advice.  In fact, I am passing it along to a friend of mine who is running a small business as I think it will inspire her with some good ideas.”

Chris, Australia

“I am half way through your book Brand New Day and I just wanted to let you know how much I love it and am learning from it.  I’m in the middle of researching my own business idea and am trying to absorb as much information as I can from books, businesses etc.

My potential business would involve manufacturing a product, and I wondered if you could give me any tips for when I start approaching manufacturers.  I want to appear knowledgeable and confident even though I know nothing!!!

I would love to hear your thoughts.”

Kirsty, Australia

“I just wanted to message you and say I really, really, really enjoyed your book. I am thinking of starting a business (pretty over the corporate lifestyle – and only been doing it for 3 years!) and this was a really great guide.

I have been checking out some of the websites you refer to in the book and there are some beauty’s there!

Thanks for sharing your story!!!


Paul, Melbourne

Read what Sean McManus says in his blog.


“After finishing your book in just 3 days, even though we’ve never met, I felt like I actually knew you personally!
I just want to say congratulations to you on your book, and what a wonderful thing you have done for your business, and most importantly, I think your book probably has inspired many people out there trying to take their first leap into the business world, like myself.

I found your book very practical and very helpful for people who are about to start their own business, as it provides us with a glimpse of the future.  I also found it very encouraging, as sometimes when I feel stranded, things from your book remind me to keep going and eventually you will get to where you would like to be.

The book is a great size so I can carry it around with me and I can read it whenever I want.   It’s also such a great colour (as pink is your favourite colour I am sure it is the obvious choice!) and has pictures of the colourful mocks, which makes me feel happy whenever I read it. Fantastic work!!”

Carmen T, Australia

“My boyfriend bought me your book ‘Brand New Day’ as a gift, as he knows that it has been a dream of mine for many years to run my own business.

I found your book informative and inspirational and wish that everybody could move at the pace that you do.”

Katrina , Australia

“Thanks for the book – fantastic stuff!”
Tim Harcourt, Austrade Chief Economist

“I borrowed a copy of your book from my works library (tafe) “brand new day the highs and lows of staring a small business..” and i have to say out of all the books i have ever read in regards to small business this one is by far the best written and most realistic account of ‘how it is’ and just how much it takes.  I basically read the book in 2 nights after work and couldn’t put it down as i could relate to so many things you spoke about, i had a whole string of bad events happen lately that derailed and delayed business startup and especially my motivation, this really picked me up again. (in fact i am re-writing my business plan again as we speak)

Everytime someone got fired or left in this book it reminded me of the music industry and the game i am in, there are no many people that claim to want things but when it comes to the work they just don’t make it. Its all about passion and endurance i think anyway.

Once again, loved the book, i’m going to buy a copy for my ‘wall of knowledge’ in my production studio, and i’m going to find a nice Mock for me and my girlfriend.”
Liam, Australia

“Just wanted to write a quick e-mail to applaud you for writing a thoroughly entertaining & informative book!. I sometimes feel that the director of our campany & you must be related as he is absolutely busting with new business ideas & marketing concepts(plus we have ongoing staff issues!!!). Reading your book, I wonder how you actually find time to sleep!. Anyway, it’s good to know the challenges we have to look forward to….can’t wait!. Cheers.”
Grant, Australia

“I was recently lucky enough to win one of your Mocks packs that included your new book – Brand New Day. I receive the book and my brand new day mock yesterday and I’m already half way through your book.

I absolutely love it! I especially love the part about your trip to New Zealand for the day, coming home with an order of 5,000 Mocks – your biggest yet, and then ‘allowing’ yourself a glass of champagne in the airport lounge.

Anyway, thanks again for writing your book – I’m loving reading it!”
Emma, Coffs Harbour

“Highlighting the everyday triumphs and challenges of starting a small business from scratch, Lara’s journey’s is inspiring!  Easy and enjoyable to read, I’d recommend this book to anyone thinking of starting up their own business (or in the trenches already!).  As a small business owner myself, Lara and I seem to have faced many of the same challenges – so it’s nice to know you’re not alone!”
Kate, Sydney

“Hey there finished Brand New Day at the weekend!  Read it in 2 days… what a page turner”
Kate, London

“LOVED the book! Read it all cover to cover in one sitting- it’s really good! Are you going to do another?”
Clare, London

“I have just finished your book which I got won in the local paper, Tweed Heads Daily Mail.  It was a giveaway and I said I was just starting out in a business as my reason for wanting to win the book.  I found it inspiring and very helpful to read.

I enjoyed the diary style as it was easy to read and it helped to follow the progress of your business.  I was sad to read of your marriage breakup and wondered what strain it put on your relationship….that is starting your own business?

I loved the insight to difficulties you can experience setting up your own business.  You achieved so much and have tenacity, I will continue to watch your progress, as it is inspiring.”
Alice, Queensland

“A quick one to say that I’m glued to your book! And it’s great as a fill in to all those years when we only exchanged the odd email and I wasn’t really up to speed on what was happening in your life. It’s very engaging and makes me want to turn the page (including waking up last night at 12 & reading till 1.30am!) Very impressive your drive & motivation & belief in yourself. Keep going girl – you’re the sort of person who makes it!

Anyway, looking forward to reading the rest of it. And maybe inspiring me to write a book too – nothing quite as exciting – but I really like writing.”
Nicola, London

“I brought your book about 2 weeks ago, and with working from my home with my business and looking after my son, I read your book. I found it hard to put it down and just loved your story, or should I say journey. I have my own business I started not too long ago as a Virtual Assistant (Dawson Documents) so thought that some of your hurdles are ones I may face in the future.

You are such a strong and determined person and your journey will definitely inspire many business people, not just woman, to stick with their dreams and keep going.  I’m sorry it didn’t work out with ‘Mr Johns’ but reading to the end of the book things seemed to be all positive for you, maybe a sign.  I couldn’t believe the staff issues you had and as I have previously worked in HR, found it hard to believe. Yes there is a lack of skilled workers out there but you seemed to hit it hard with workers that did not work out. It sounds like you have it all worked out now and I’m very happy for you about that. It probably sounds very strange that I write this but I felt that I got to know you through reading the book and rode the ups and downs with you.

So thankyou for the book- I look forward to your next.”
Erin, Australia

“I purchased your book last week and was eagerly awaiting my copy, I received it on Monday and have started reading it,  I am really enjoying the book and love your honest and open approach, it’s inspiring to know how much you have achieved and how you got there.”
Sally, Victoria

“Just wanted to let you know I finished your book yesterday and I loved it…………it was funny, entertaining and very inspiring…………you must read back through it and feel very proud of the accomplishments you have made, I think it is really rather incredible the positivity and effort you put into the brand. Certainly makes me feel proud to distribute it for you.”
Kylie, Brisbane

“I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. I won a copy through the Australian Business Women’s Network and wasn’t able to put it down until finished.

I relate to so much of what you write about, especially cashflow and staffing issues. Reading your story has given me a renewed vigour to tackle head on some of the growth issues I am facing at the moment. I am currently undertaking the MentorNet program with ABN but struggling with the demands of that and a seasonally business period within my business, as well as two fairly new consultants who need constant monitoring for another month or so. These demands had seen me lose focus over the past month but your book has put me back on track with a goals list written up with defined deadlines to meet for each task I need to get sorted.

Once again thank you for giving a very honest account of your journey with Mocks. I personally think that anyone considering starting a business should read it first, so they can see firsthand what they will have to deal with on a daily basis.”
Liz, Victoria

“I have just finished reading Brand New Day,  what an achievement in such a short time. You certainly set yourself a cracking pace don’t you. It was so infectious by the end of the book I found myself readingAt almost double the speed I usually would.  Thank you for the mention of UTi as one of your carriers.
All credit to you  Lara, the effort was well worth it.  I eagerly await the next edition of your business adventures, perhaps a further zero or 2 added to the annual turnover !!

Thank you Lara, I loved the format,  really puts the reader right there sharing the highs and lows.”
John, Sydney

“I am about 2/3rds of the way through the book and think that you have written it in a really innovative and captivating way – much more engaging than many of the other hundreds of business books I have read.  I have to say though – some of the staffing issues you have mentioned have made me shake my head in utter disbelief.  Making me think twice about the hiring I was planning on doing over the next few months!”
Sophie, Sydney

“Just got a copy of your book in the mail and LOVE it!!!! Have read a fair chunk already and am hooked! So helpful too for future business owners!!! I LOVE the silky-smooth cover and design, how you have mocks on each page (so cute and great advertising!!!) plus the ‘bookmark-y’ tabs!!!! LOVE!!! Will let you know when the review is up! I’m off now to continue reading!!!”
Olivia, Sydney

“I loved the book. You write really well and it is a great read.”
Nicola, Sydney

“Already read it!!  Very enjoyable!  Oh yes, those staffing moments – I could soooo relate to them – particularly the “thinking I’m doing something lovely for the team but actually they don’t give a stuff”.  And the ebbs and flows of motivation.”
Helen, New Zealand

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