Other Businesses

If you have read my book or are reading it you will know that I like to be busy and have a few things on the go.  As a result here are the other businesses that are ticking along….

LOLL is a brand of wearable adult poncho towels, perfect for the beach or pool.  LOLL towels are unique in that they have 2 internal pockets for things like phone, keys and cash, plus zips down the side.  The zips can be zipped up so the towel is worn like a poncho or unzipped so the towel can be used to lie on.  Find out more about LOLL at www.LOLL.com.au

Yep it’s still going and you can still buy Mocks online, we only have a few designs left and when they are gone they are gone!  If you haven’t read my book, Mocks are sock covers for mobile phones and other digital devices.